Exceptional quality & safety

Designed and developed to meet the highest quality standards, MIXEO® provides maximum safety for both patient and practitioner through its unique delivery system that integrates patient physiological monitoring.

  • Continuous monitoring of patient vitals (O2 saturation, heart rate) via pulse oximetry technology

  • Visual and auditory alarms in case of patient desaturation, automatic O2 Flush if no improvement after timed delay

  • O2 Flush for immediate supply of 100% oxygen (triggered automatically or manually)

  • Visual and auditory alarms in case O2 or N2O inlet pressure is too low, automatic N2O cut-off if oxygen supply fails

  • Maximum N2O concentration of 50% or 70%


Superior performance & efficiency

Its state-of-the-art internal software developed with the help of medical experts provides added user-friendliness and makes MIXEO® the ideal partner for effective and reliable nitrous oxide sedation.

  • Programmable titration phases with automatic N2O increase (or decrease) to offer maximum patient comfort during induction (or termination)

  • User-friendly interface displays clear and accurate readings of sedation parameters (Flow, %N2O, patient SpO2 and HR) for easy operation and control

  • Cutting-edge gas mixing technology based on robust and reliable electronics for precise delivery and real-time adjustment of mixture parameters (± 1 L/min, ± 5%) and device modes

Amazing design & versatility

MIXEO® is specifically designed to be every non-anaesthetist's smart assistant for safe and effective conscious sedation during medical or surgical procedures, and its sleek and functional design is adapted to most medical environments.

  • All-in-one sedation system including a mobile cart capable of storing 4 gas cylinders and all accessories

  • Includes an internal battery with 7h autonomy for added mobility and use in a wide range of medical environments

  • Customizable finishing for a professional look that best suits your practice


Effortless data capture

MIXEO® is the first nitrous-oxide/oxygen sedation system that enables you to log and transfer your sedation data easily onto a computer for documentation and integration into the patient file, via the simple SeDATA® software and universally compatible USB connection tool.


Related services

  • Installation & training

    NIXYS is committed to catering for your every need, and we provide full on-site installation services and comprehensive user training to make sure MIXEO® integrates seamlessly into your daily practice.

  • Maintenance & revision

    NIXYS recommends your MIXEO® device be inspected once a year for optimum performance. We offer an on-site inspection service: no need to send back your device, our technical personnel comes directly to you!

  • Warranty & repair

    Qualified technical personnel from NIXYS will carry out all repairs and replacements of defective devices free of charge for a period of 2 years.