Nitrous oxide sedation: a simple solution for pain & anxiety management

Improving patient experience and comfort during medical or surgical procedures is an increasingly important priority for healthcare professionals. Preoperative anxiety and low tolerance to pain are a very common occurence and can easily render patients uncooperative, thus reducing quality and efficiency of care while increasing risks and costs.

Nitrous-oxide/oxygen (N2O/O2) inhalation sedation is proven to be a safe and effective method for alleviating pain and reducing anxiety during minimally invasive procedures where general anaesthesia is not indicated.

In helping to manage a patient's pain and anxiety, nitrous oxide sedation benefits both patient and practitioner. A relaxed and cooperative patient allows the practitioner to focus their attention on the task at hand and to use time more effectively, thus greatly improving workflow, quality of service and patient satisfaction. A clinician's ability to manage a patient's pain and anxiety is undoubtedly a key differentiating factor compared to other practices.


Key benefits of nitrous oxide sedation

  • Potent analgesic and anxiolytic suitable for patients of all ages

  • Proven safety record for over 150 years, very little side effects

  • Duration and depth of sedation are easily adjustable to suit each patient and medical act

  • Extremely rapid onset and offset of desired effects

  • Fast recovery, no post-operative surveillance required

  • Patient remains conscious, relaxed and cooperative